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It’s Simple…Mold is a Health Risk

Dealing with mold in your home is an unsettling ordeal. It’s a silent, dangerous attack on your everyday life and peace of mind. And we know you just want to detect it as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

At Black Diamond Mold Services, we serve as an advocate by connecting mold victims to professional mold assessors who will detect the source and recommend a plan of action.

Mold Testing Referral

The Advantages of Using Black Diamond Mold:

A unique advantage of using Black Diamond Mold is how thorough
we are in vetting the mold companies we recommend.

 Qualifications we look for include:
• Fully licensed
• Years of experience
• Superb customer service record • IICRC/NORMI Certified

Additional advantages include:

• Priority scheduling of mold testing
• Time saved on research

Stress relief starts now. And it’s easy as…

The Call

Give us a ring at
at (844) 597-8425

The Plan

We’ll immediately assign
a team to deal with your
problem exclusively.

The Action

We put you in immediate contact with a removal mold company whose qualifications
most closely fit your situation.